Treatments We Offer

We provide a sanctuary from stress, a healing touch, a kind word, a place to reconnect.

Collagen Facial

This facial is perfect for any skin type. In includes a special Collagen facial mask and cherry enzyme peel that stimulates elastin. You will be amazed how good you look.

Blue LED Acne Facial

A facial for acne prone skin with a blue light treatment. Includes extractions and soothing gel mask.

Mermaid Facial

Soothing to the skin, many healing sea botanicals. Special hydrating facial mask that leaves balanced and more youthful.

Spa Beauty Facial

You will feel like you're in a beautiful garden after this botanical facial. All products are Wheat and Gluten Free.

New Anti-Aging Facial

Introducing the revolutionary Revitapen facial treatment. This new facial tool channels nutrients into the skin with a special channeling tool made of surgical steel, and will build collagen and elastin. This wand is used with select ingredients that plump the skin. I use this Revitapen on myself and saw a change in my skin's texture and firmness. Another plus to this treatment is you can treat the under-eye and neck.

Revitalight Facial Treatment

Led Facial treatment that gives your skin an instant lift.

Red Carpet Facial

This facial is a show stopper! Your skin will look radiant an youthful, using a special enzyme peel to jumpstart collagen and elastin production in your skin. Followed by a Revitalight treatment and collagen mask to finish. You will look and feel Marvelous!

Zen Facial

This facial includes green tea infused facial towels for soothing and calming the skin. Ideal for relaxing the nervous through a special facial massage, finished with a green tea moisture mask to leave you skin aglow.

Elements Therapeutic Heat Treatment

Moist heat packs and heated native stones are placed on the back for several minutes for deep relaxation. Followed by a therapeutic body treatment with Elements Magnesium therapy gel.

Aromatherapy Foot Treatment

This relaxing foot treatment will make you feel like you’re walking on air.

Scarborough Body Treatment

Relaxing body treatment using stones from Scarborough beach in Maine and Narragansett, to soothe and rebalance your mind, body and spirit.

Healing Hot Stone Therapy
75 Minute: $111, 60 Minute: $88

Relaxing hot stone therapy with therapeutic grade essential oils. Helps soothe the body and mind, relaxes the muscles and increases energy flow in the body.

Spa Signature Foot Treatment

Lay back and relax with this relaxing and rejuvenating foot treatment. Start with a soothing steamed towel to soothe the skin. Followed by a salt scrub and foot mask. Finishing with a foot massage.

Spa Signature Hand Treatment

We start with a warm heated towel to soften the skin, followed by a soothing salt scrub to rejuvenate the skin, then a moisture mask and heated towels. This treatment finishes with a relaxing hand massage.

The Awakening

This treatment is very spiritual and awakens the senses. Relax under a cozy blanket of soft music and selected essential oils chosen just for you. You'll receive a special facial massage with elixirs that will relax, lift and rejuvenate your skin. You'll then receive a relaxing body treatment with lemon butter cream.

Ear Candling / Coning

Relaxing treatment that gently removes wax build up and helps improve sinus pressure and inner ear balence.

Wellness Coaching

In this 60 minute session, I work with clients to one on one to identify areas where they improve their lives. This intuitive coaching session may include breath work, meditation and personalized guidance based on each client’s health or life situation.

Pet Therapy Evaluation and Mini Reiki Session

Now offering Reiki for pets. The first session will be 45 minutes assess your pet's situation and therapy needed.

Pet therapy session

In this 60 minute session, I will work with your pet based on their needs from the original assessment. Therapy includes reiki in a quiet, relaxing atmosphere.

Group Shmanic Reiki and Drum Session
$40 per person

Limited to four people, this one hour session will bring four friends or family members together for a private Shamanic Reiki and Drum Session. Come experience the deep relaxation and healing this session brings.

Quantum Intuitive Energy Session

In this 90 minute session, I work with clients to improve their physical and emotional well-being. Intuitive energy work involves accessing a deep meditative state to receive information about a clients health or life situation. This approach to holistic healing allows for the transformation of emotions, beliefs and energies that are contributing to physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances. One session can yield immediate and lasting results.

Native American Journey Session

Take a guided walk to a path that goes within, to help you heal inner conflicts that affect your everyday life.

Medicine Wheel and Four Elements Ceremony for Healing

A special Inca traditional healing ceremony... connecting with Mother Earth and the four elements to assist healing of mind body and soul. Connecting with the spirit animals in all four directions of the medicine wheel for spiritual guidance.

Shamanic Reiki Treatment

Healing treatment with reiki and ancient Shaman healing techniques

Reiki Workshops
Starting at $150

All levels of training available, become a reiki master and begin to heal yourself and others. Call for more information and next available class date.

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