The Medicine Bundle

Medicine Bundle Class is now available.

In this class you will learn more about the medicine bundle, build your own Mesa and learn how to heal yourself and others. This class consists of four training sessions approximately 3 hours each.

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Here is some more information and history about the Medicine Bundle.

A Native American medicine bundle, also known as a mesa, is a sacred cloth that contains powerful stones. These stones help with the emotional healing from current life and past life traumas.

Medicine bundles have been used in many ways depending on heritage and or tribe. These bundles were also traveling alters that included items important to Shamans, such as rattles, special stones, or anything that or held value to the carrier.

This bundle becomes part of the carrier, and the stones contain past emotional turmoil, heart ache and more. The bundle contains four sections that represent four directions of healing.

The South
This direction contains a heart shaped stone (God Stone) representing your higher power. 
This direction represents the serpent and shedding your past.

The West
Three stones for this direction as Mother Jaguar helps you face your fears.

The North
Three stones that help you connect to your Ancestors with help of the Hummingbird which represents your power.

The East
Three stones that will help you connect with your higher self and your guides. The Eagle guides you to greater healing.

The bundle is considered sacred and must be treated as such.

Each Morning you sit with the bundle and honor it with prayer and a special water called Florida Water is sprayed on the mesa to honor the healing that was done through the cloth and the stones and it’s content.

When you have completed the four directions you may now use this bundle as a powerful healing tool for any healing practice.

Here is a picture of the inside of my own working medicine bundle…

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