Mocha Java Facial-$90

A facial with a coffee and chocolate mask that heals the skin and increases circulation.

Collagen Facial-$110

This facial is perfect for any skin type. You will be amazed how good you look.

Blue LED Acne Facial-$90

LED treatment to help clear up acne

Mermaid Facial-$90

A special facial using sea botanicals that will re-hydrate and replenish your skin.

Aromatherapy Facial-$90

Organic, vitamin enriched skin care using therapeutic grade essential oils, custom blended to your skin's needs

Ayurvedic Facial-$55

Thirty minute Ayurvedic rejuvenating facial, using a special massage Kansa wand from India, and a custom blend of herbs and tinctures to give your skin new lift


Therapeutic Heat Therapy-$110

Most heat packs are placed on the back for 10 min. and fresh lemons and sea salt are used to exfoliate the feet, followed by a foot massage then aromatherapy back and body treatment. Total time: 75 min.

Aromatherapy Foot Treatment-$55

This relaxing foot treatment will make you feel like you're walking on air.

Raindrop Therapy-$90

Therapeutic Young Living Oils to relax the mind and body. Effects last two full weeks.

Healing Hot Stone Therapy-90 Minute: $110, 60 Minute: $85, 30 Minute: $50

Relaxing hot stone therapy massage with therapeutic grade essential oils. Helps soothe the body and mind, relaxes the muscles and increases energy flow in the body.

Ear Candling / Coning-$40

Relaxing treatment that gently removes wax build up and helps improve sinus pressure and inner ear balence.

Raindrop Therapy for the feet-$55

Oils applied to the reflexology area of the feet that represents the spine, puts you into relaxing bliss mode and helps heal the body.


The Goddess-$250

Awaken the Goddess within, with Tranquility's Favorite spa treatments. Enjoy the bliss of the Raindrop Therapy followed by a hot stone therapy body treatment. The finale of the package is the Revitalight Facial Treatment. This treatment builds Elastin and Collagen in the skin giving an instant lift.

Tranquil Spa Package-$210

Aromatherapy facial, plus healing hot stone therapy, and aromatherapy foot treatment

Relaxation Package-$145

This package includes an herbal organic facial and healing hot stone therapy.

Express Relaxation Package-$90

This one-hour package includes an express facial and healing hot stone therapy for the shoulders, back and neck.

Blissful Mind Package-$90

Half hour healing hot stone therapy and half hour reiki treatment


Native American Journey Session-$90

Take a guided walk to a path that goes within, to help you heal inner conflicts that affect your everyday life.

Native American Drum Healing-$90

This treatment is a special sound healing that you will feel in every cell in your body. Using a buffalo drum to reconnect your mind, body and spirit, you will become one with yourself again.

Reiki Treatment-$45 Half hour, $80 Full hour

Balances chakras, removes energy blocks and relaxes the body and mind.

Reiki Healing Attunement-$90

Helps heal old wounds of the heart and body.

Shamanic Reiki Treatment-$90

Healing treatment with reiki and ancient Shaman healing techniques

Reiki Workshops-Starting at $150

All levels of training available, become a reiki master and begin to heal yourself and others. Call for more information and next available class date.