The Importance of Positive Thoughts

I was discussing this  very subject with my reiki students today. How important positive thoughts and attitude is to our wellbeing. When we have an open heart and want to spread that love to everyone we meet. This is so easy to do, a simple gesture like a smile or saying hello to someone can make all the difference in the world to the persons consousness and overall wellbeing.

studies have shown that positive thinking can help alter to the course of treatment of curtain illnesses such as panic disorders,  as well as  controlling and managing anger outbust, better known as biofeedback.

Did you also know that a positive attitude is part of treatment plans in most cancer treatment centers? That really speaks volumes to me, what do you think..?

Remember your thoughts are powerful, so next time your feeling sad think a happy thought and see how fast your spirits are lifted, and a smile is on your face…